Get Out of Town

Yeah, I know. I just professed my love to Rochester.  I‘m still just as twitterpated as before — but I only told you about the one hand, here’s what’s on the other. I’ve tried to make jobs my main thing and music my second. It’s the way we’re taught to live and society is pretty critical on those who stray too far from the formula, especially this day and age. But I wasn’t a normal kid. I didn’t fit into the microcosm called school. Though I’ve since then turned out alright, made good friends, learned to be a good little producer/consumer, I’m still completely in favor of being weird. There are a lot of risks that come with marching to your own drum (most of them are b.s., however). Never the less, I try to make good, responsible decisions while challenging myself in a way that I deem worthwhile. In a lot of ways, I think an adventure out of Rochester to do the things I ultimately dream of doing would be good. Much to my parents dismay, I dream more of concepts than of modes of success. The way I look at it is, I’ll get there. And I know that if I try as hard as I can at the all the things that matter to me, I won’t disappoint. How’s that for hope? Those concepts that I have in mind are things like adventure, rich experiences and finding tremendous people and growing as a person, musician, etc…you get it. So now, in 2014, after having a full and happy childhood… and a rambunctious adolescence… and experiencing the ol’ college life… and most recently, starting my job as a teacher’s aide,  I feel an urge to decide what’s next for me. I plan on pursuing those aforementioned ‘concepts’, not necessarily to see where it takes me but to see what I pick up along the way.
…To be continued…


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