Our Fair City

Our Fair CityGreetings from Rochester NY! That’s the little city in the background of this picture that I lovingly made. Rochester has some very unappealing aspects. (Rhymes with chai  llamaside tate, if you’re into decoding crime lingo). But it’s not all bad. I would give it two solid thumbs up, as a matter of fact, because it’s my lifelong home and it has been good to me. If you don’t know where Rochester NY is, it’s okay. When I go on tour or travel far from town, I say I’m from around Buffalo. You can question my loyalty after hearing this lazy answer but despite being inanimate, this place is still one of the most forgiving places out there. (Buffalo is a close second)! I can come and go (and I have) and this city stays the same. It’s always warm (symbolically in terms of people, not temperature-wise) and it’s definitely not one of those cities that people leave for good. A lot of people settle here and have babies and stuff (not me) or start up bands (me). Rochester has, and this is a cold hard fact, an abundance of first-rate musicians. (And a decent sized handful of first-rate babies.) There is a lot that a small city can offer a musician who is trying to make a career out of it (and sure, a lot of things it can’t). I’ve lived in here in Rochester NY, and in a small college town, and in the Big Apple. Though I’m a novice, I at least feel a wee bit qualified to offer my critical opinion. This place, though lacking venues has a thriving music scene. One that goes for quality, even when we’re just playing for each other. One that I identify with more than any other musical community I’ve been a part of. I think it has something to do with the level of support within a concentrated area. There are good, talented like-minded people out there everywhere but in small cities it’s so easy to connect, to collaborate and to support. This is where my blog begins. In this city under the musical name of Pleistocene. Ready to make my next move and nervously ready to tell you about it.


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