The Fourth of the Month

Not many people know this, but that’s because I don’t know that many people!  I recorded an album the week after Christmas and it’s going to be released soon.  Since I’m just a little old person releasing this from the comforts of my own bedroom, there will probably not be a big ‘hupty’ over the release date but I still would like to officialize all the hard work my friends put into it. The album is called “Ontario Girls” and it will be released digitally on February 4th. (Tuesdays are the standard release day for albums, oddly enough.) It will also be released on cassette tape by the Rochester record label ‘Casual Punks.’ Tapes should be available within the week of the 4th, however it is a limited print. So all you diehards out there (ehem, mom) get em’ while they’re hot.  My very talented friend and colleague now I guess, Mr. Stephen Roessner  (this cool cat: engineered the whole thing. Steve studied under one of my personal favorites in sound production, Dave Fridmann (remember this? and I think that definitely helped my cause/vision of heavy distorted riffy stuff. Oh and he played drums on the album like a champ.  Oh, and he’s won a Grammy. Also on the album are two of my main dudes, Erick Perrine & Jim Hill. More about these guys later.

Ontario Girls will be Pleistocene’s second album to Goners, which was quietly released last spring. Though Ontario girls is much more coherent and quality-produced, Goners is still sentimentally relevant and I would love for you to check it out if you can handle distorted home recordings. Goners 2013 <dig it

There is so much to do in these final stages of the album coming out…art, printing, stamping, mailing, ordering networking, eating, going to my real job, etc. More updates for all who care later! For those who don’t, I leave you with


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