Can’t Live Without it

This week has been an even tug in multiple directions. I’ve been pretty wrapped up my job, which takes up a good 9 hours of my life every day. I’ve known the group of second graders I’m with now since pre-school and I’m pretty attached to all of them at this point.  I’m just finishing my new album, Ontario Girls, while working on an art project with a self-inflicted deadline, writing new music/working on my instrument set up and planning a tour. Basically I have it in my head that none of these things can happen without the other. I feel like all of my interests came together for the sake of touring and although I’ve been stressed out, I’m doing exactly what I like to do. About a month ago, I wasn’t sure if travelling was a realistic possibility, but I dove without really entertaining failure because I knew that if I did than I would almost immediately quit. But the past month has been really good for me. It’s been relentlessly productive but that kind of pace is good for me in a lot of ways. I’ve been trying to figure out ways to fund a tour since this is definitely not a fiscally responsible move for someone on my budget and have had to get pretty creative. Be on the look out for cds packaged in upsetting ways, homemade guitar picks and homemade screen printed band stickers! Check it.
 Everything is a race to the finish right now but I know that that’ll all be erased on those long drives from city to city, when I have no other option but to think about the country and people and music. Time to crack open a Genny.



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