The Makeshift Trio

When I first started entertaining the thought of touring, my heart was set on it being a solo voyage.  I love being alone and quite frankly I need to be alone on the daily. But my whole life has pretty much felt like the opposite of a solo voyage and more like being stuck on an Ellis Island bound boat in 1922.

I thought going alone would be a good way to reset myself. But the more I thought about it and the more my loved ones expressed their detest for this plan, I started to reconsider my exact reasoning and decided that touring wasn’t really about being alone. In fact, I’m really glad my family was against it because now that I’ve made alternate plans, I can only think that tour should be a shared experience, and I definitely am not against sharing the long drives between meeting people from one destination to the next. Besides that, having people along would definitely put my parents mind at ease, and yeah, my own subconscious mind too.

So with that, the Pleistocene solo tour suddenly, and quite miraculously became a trio tour when two lovely ladies decided on joining me. Now my attitude is completely different. Having companions will make for a totally different experience. Both girls, who have been close friends of mine for many years, are musicians and we have very swiftly decided to combine musical forces into one act. Our styles are varying but their both great guitar players and harmonizers. Sandy, my friend since high school and I used to be in school plays together.

Sandy - in yellow on left. Me -  in teal in middle.
Sandy – in yellow on left.
Me – in teal in middle.

And then there’s Becca, who was in this band with me in college:

Paul’s Grandfather circa 2008

Though Becca and Sandy have never played with each other before, I think that they’ll soon find out that it’s pretty awesome. I’m lucky to have snagged them at the right moment in time.


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