The Plan

The plan is pretty simple. To sow my wild oats, to meet folks and to play shows. After talking to a million different bands, friends, acquaintances venues, radio stations, newspapers, we finally have a tour booked and we’re leaving tomorrow.

Naturally, we go South right off the bat. Although the weather is not that much better down there, even 40 degrees sounds pretty heavenly. The stops chosen are roughly based on who we know along the way and between the three of us we have a pretty solid web to travel on.

Some of the stops I’m looking forward to most are Nashville (got some bffs living there), Houston (ex bandmates and friends from college), Austin (cousins that I haven’t seen since toddlerdom), LA (high school friends who I rarely see) and Denver (bro and sis-in-law). If you connect the dots in between, you’ll see that we’re going in a large counter-clockwise circle (counter clockwise for the counter culture yo). Check the visual below.

It’s definitely a pretty crazy undertaking…8,500 mi. in three weeks…but you gotta take chances sometimes…oh, and fulfill your dreams.
The Tour Route


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