On The Road — Day 1

Today is our first full day away from home. The trip from Rochester to Nashville went off without a hitch, except for a part that I didn’t sleep the night before leaving because I was too excited. I layed and bed till 4am, trying to stay as calm and restful as I could, while visions of all things tour related danced above my head. At 4, I drove to my friend Sandy’s house, down the unplowed roads and 3 feet of snow on either side.

Sandy drove through the sunrise, while I attempted to make up for my brain’s error in keeping me awake all night. When I woke up we were in Ohio, and I took over with the driving while Sandy slept. When she woke up, we were in Ohio. Then, to an unbelievable degree, we were in Ohio some more.

Ever slowly but surely, we got out of Ohio and began our comparably vast journey through Kentucky. One thing that we observed about Kentucky, besides their unbridled spirit, is that it has no shortage of caves. Caves for every interest, really. Horse caves, mammoth caves, dino caves, diamond caves. That’s why it came to no surprise when we even passed these corvette caves.Corvette Sinkhole

Our first leg of the journey was an over all sucess. Now that we’re here in Nashville it’s time to think about the next thing. Unfortunately our plan for a show fell through here so it’s on to some open mics for the day!


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