Deep South

We continued our journey south to Jackson, MS to play at a venue called Morning Bell Records. It’s a pretty sweet place. On top of doing shows,  sells booze & coffee, along with a ton of good vinyl. We didn’t have a show in Nashville, so that made Jackson our very first place Sandy and I have ever played together. When I explain to people how little time we’ve been a band for it sounds kind of crazy, but I usually follow that up by explaining that I booked this tour as a solo tour but ended up not wanting to go it alone. So it really worked out that Sandy and Becca could tag along, and especially worked out that they are both great musicians.

So Sandy and I played our first show together. (Becca was set to meet up with us the next day in New Orleans) and it didn’t go half bad. The people we’re super polite, no surprise there, and that eased my nerves a lot. We played 9 songs with minimal set up. This dude named Frank captured some rare, early footage of our first show. 

Jackson seems a lot like Rochester in the sense that it is an inexpensive place to live with a decent amount of resources and a lot of bigger cities to tap into within reasonable distance. The people we talked to in Jackson had a good outlook on living there and being part of the arts community and whatnot. Most of the art and music scene thrives in a suburb of Jackson called Fondren. There are tons of little venues and art spaces popping up all over that area. We ended up at a bar in Fondren called, well, The Fondren.  I suggest to all who go to Jackson to check this place out. It’s a classy place and it smelled like a cedar trophy room. We got some local brews because they had an awesome selection (I had the Abita Jockamo IPA for the first time and loved it.) After that it was bedtime. We had to be in New Orleans by 11am to pick up Becca from the airport.

Our journey through Jackson told through pork rinds.
Our journey through Jackson told through pork rinds.

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