H – Town

Our 5 hour drive from New Orleans to Houston flew by thanks to a few interesting stops and some ominous views of Texas farmland under overcast skies. Western Louisiana was especially interesting. While taking a pit stop in Rayne, LA we talked to a group of old guys having coffee. We were curious about an apparent frog statue epidemic sweeping swept the town and wanted to know more. The old men were more than happy to go into detail about their beloved frogs. “Where ya’ll from?” The first guy asked. “I can tell you ain’t Cajun” The other guys joined in, overlapping one another with cold-hard frog facts. “This is the frog capital of the world… There ain’t many frogs around here any more… They shipped them all over the world… But we still got the frog statues everywhere…Come back during frog season, you’ll see all kinds of frogs racing…You can get frog legs at the buffet up the street… You ever had frog legs for supper? Where y’all headed? Jennings, a couple towns ahead…watch out, they’ve got a serial killer on the lose.” Look it up, they do.

The Long Roads of Texas
The drive in to Houston was a bit Gotham Cityesque, with dark storm clouds hanging over the pointy skyline.The venue was in an abandoned building off of the main drag that had all the restaurants and bars. I believe it was just called Main St. Main St had a light rail going down the center of it and strung from street light to street light we’re white Christmas lights. Before the show we walked from the venue to Main St and ate at taco place that I’ll never be able to get out of my head called Tacos A – Go – Go. I tried my first tamale and it changed me for that better.  Before you can say taco it was time to be back to the show. The venue belongs to our friends from the band Space Villains* (You actually have to say asterisks.) Their drummer, Bobby used to be in this band Paul’s Grandfather with Becca and I before he went off to music school in Houston. Here is Bobby playing nothing but vegetable cans during the Paul’s Grandfather days.

Anyways, now he’s in this super bad ass psych blues band,

These guys threw together the show for us on the fly because the show we we’re supposed to play fell through. It was definitely all for the best though. The people we met at the show were immensely supportive and enthusiastic and the bands ruled.  I was blown away by Space Villains* stage presence and their energy. It helped that they had the home field advantage of playing in their own space but seeing how laid back they were made playing our set a lot less nerve wrecking. It’s hard to believe that this was only our second show but Becca and Sandy did their homework by listening to the songs online and learning them and now it was a matter of gelling. That said, this was the moment that we started to feel that good old musical connection.
After the show we drove to Tara and Bobby’s bungalow by the train tracks on the outskirts of town. Becca and I slept on a twin bed with two pit bulls. Then it was off to Austin.
Leaving Houston


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