Texas Punk

We’ll it’s official, Austin is as weird and wonderful as everyone says it is. I knew very little about Austin besides this, but the rest of what I discovered seemed just about right despite not know what I was about to discover.  I guess one thing I couldn’t have anticipated the sheer volume of bars and restaurants per-block. I heard from several people, that this is the ‘going out’ capital of the country, which I can totally see. We were in Austin on the 21st of February and the weather was beautiful and the city was just gearing up for SXSW. People seem pretty proud of their city and the ratio of pep to step seemed abnormally high for an American city in the year 2014.

Sixth Street. Burgers.
Sixth Street. Burgers.

We spent the early part of the day exploring ‘Austin’s most – loved park,’ Zilker Park.

Myself and Becca riding the "Zilker Zeffer," a kids train that makes its way around Zilker park.
Myself and Becca riding the “Zilker Zephyr,” a kid’s train that winds its way around Zilker park.

In the evening we headed downtown, to Sixth Street and hung out around on the block that the venue we’d be playing at was on.  It was here that I met my cousins and uncle who I’d last seen as a baby, so it was like a first meeting. Now I’m an adult and they’ve been adults since I was a baby and it was very much a privilege to talk to them after all these years as adults and learn a little about the grandparents I wish I got a chance to know better along with everything else there is to catch up on. It was with my family that we had our first experience with Texas barbecue.

Iron Works BBQ
Iron Works BBQ

It was divine and that’s that.

The venue, which is called Beerland is right in the heart of everything but it’s anything but a touristy place. Beerland is dark, weird and rock & roll so, totally up my alley. The bands were all cool and if you like surf/punk / blues rock I suggest you check out Foreign Mothers ’cause they rule.
What do ya know? Becca took a movie!

All in all, a great night with my friends/now bandmates as well as my family/ now friends.

It was Friday night when we were there and Austin was very drunk. When we stepped out to load out our equipment the streets were packed and it seemed like all hell had broken loose. Seemed normal enough though, there were cops calmly watching from the tops of horses on the corners of every block. Hearing of the recent drunk driving tragedy that took place on this very street a couple of weeks later makes my heart sad and I feel for all of the wonderful people of Austin whom we encountered and especially those hurt by it.

Stay safe out there everybody! More to write about tomorrow.


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