Truth or Consequences

After El Paso we we’re contemplating taking a hefty drive up to Albuquerque to play at a laid back house show. We knew it would cost us some gas $$ but ultimately the pros outweighed the cons and we decided to go. Our main deciding factor was the overwhelming encouragement of the El Pasonians to at least experience the journey that lied between.

We got tons of suggestions as to natural sights worth seeing and it didn’t take much persuasion to seal the deal for us. Here is the way our day went.

We got up early (thanks to the chihuahua kisses) and stopped at the thrift store for desert clothes, since none of us anticipated 80 degree weather when we left those pitiful 5 degrees up North.  We took off around 10, which was our standard leaving time for the majority of the trip.

We hit Las Cruzes about an hour North of El Paso and stopped for gas/a good dose of astonishment over the  scenery. The fact that a place like this exists in our country is pretty hard to get over. The South West looks more like some sort of alien land than the planet Earth. We passed though Roswell and I got to wondering if aliens landed here, did they do so because it reminded them of their homeland and they felt that they wouldn’t feel as homesick amidst this moon-like terrain?

Our first official stop was White Sands National Monument, NM. All I’ll say about this is that when I got out of the car, a literal force of nature took hold of me and I started spouting water uncontrollably out of my eyes. (I’m not crying, it’s just raining on my face.) This has never happened to me before but that’s probably because I’d never seen anything like White sands before.

Here is a video of one of Becca’s songs that we filmed in White Sands:

Our next stop also came recommended by someone in El Paso. The place was in a town called “Truth or Consequences.” Besides being a hilariously dramatic name for a town, what made it doubly interesting was that it’s named after a game show from the 1950’s. So anyways, we drove about an hour out-of-the-way to Truth or Consequences to go to a natural hot spring/spa. For 10 bucks you could rent a bathing suit and towel and bath in natural mineral water from the Rio Grande. Not a bad deal. Plus now I can say I’ve bathed in the Rio Grande which is totally worth the $10 in and of itself.

The trio at Riverbend Hot Springs
The trio at Riverbend Hot Springs (click to see the website)

All that and we hadn’t even made it to our destination for the day. But when we did it was like another whole day had started…


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