I Drove 6 Hours and All I Got Was This Cow Stomach on a Plate.

After a meandering trip up to Albuquerque, we made it to our show fashionably late.

Once we settled in, we did the local mingle and got scoop from some people at the show. All seemed to say the same thing; there isn’t much to do in Albuquerque but they like it here. We were told that this venue is one of many private underground spaces in the city. It’s a good thing because this space, and probably others like it are seemingly the life and blood of the music scene. These show spaces, which are usually in warehouses and vacant buildings and tend to pop up and close down on a regular basis as the cops find out about them. The dude who ran this space says this isn’t the first space he’s owned and he’s planning on moving the space to a less residential area soon.

Shows like this are the best because they cater to the underground scene and those who are really dedicated to music. Not that it’s bad playing in bars but it’s nice playing to a room of fully attentive ears. Every city has it’s own niche for this kind of thing and I think we were lucky to experience this side of Albuquerque rather than playing at a random bar.

We slept at the house of strangers who had just met us that day. Out of 21 nights on the road, this was the only night that we didn’t have sleeping arrangements until the night of the show. Luckily, these strangers were the kind that you get a good feeling from right away, and the kind who also played beautiful music earlier that night at the show, and the kind who made us tea while we discussed graphic novels before going to bed. Again, we were lucky.

Our host and front woman of the band we played with, Javalina. Click for her music!
Our host and front woman of the band we played with, Javalina.
Click for her music!
New Mexican alien santa
New Mexican alien santa
Our Albuquerque homestead.
Our Albuquerque homestead.

Then we woke up and ate tripe at the diner across the street because over half of the menu was comprised of tripe and all happy memories of Albuquerque were erased and I’m scarred forever.


One thought on “I Drove 6 Hours and All I Got Was This Cow Stomach on a Plate.

  1. Digging the tunes! Love New Mexico too, some buddies and I took a road trip and backpacked through Gila Wilderness. Beautiful part of the country. I write music for fun and have a little bit on soundcloud and bandcamp. Cheers! Sean

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