Tucson 2: Electric Boogaloo

By the time we got to Tucson it was already dark. Sandy’s sister was waiting for us behind a cactus plant outside of her apartment.. We had enough time to brush our hair/do a quick mirror-pep-talk/do whatever else you do with 10 minutes before you have to be somewhere after being on the road all day. Next we walked our instruments a few blocks to the venue. On the walk I marveled at the cacti, which were covered with trash. (It’s a college area, mind you.) But that didn’t really get in the way of my marveling. It’s what’d underneath that counts.

Me and an untarnished cactus. Good riddance!  Photo credit: Becca Ryskalczyk
Me and an untarnished cactus. Good riddance!
Photo credit: Becca Ryskalczyk

We played at a coffee place that was also a bar and a hookah lounge where all the people knew each other. So close that people left their phones and purses laying around and all shared drinks. Said a guy behind me about a drink sitting next to me, “are you going to drink that?” I said no, since it wasn’t mine. “Cool!” he said as he walked away sipping. Seemed like they were close in the Cheers kind of way, and also probably underage.

We did it all in Tucson. We got in some nature, some hiking, some burritos, a sunset and managed to do it all that the same time.

Becca's sunset over burrito masterpiece.
Becca’s sunset over burrito masterpiece.

This stop was one of the only stops on our trip that we got to stay in for more than 24 hours. On our second day we went to a thrift store and ran into some old friends from past bands. Their band is called Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr. and when we first met them about four years ago, they were just starting out. Now they’re doing really well, headlining and all the stuff that comes with it but all the same, still nice, humbled dudes. Turns out we were kind of on the same tour path, with them being a day behind. Now they’ve got a huge tour bus and they joked about putting our car in their bus for practicality’s sake. But jokes on them, that’s actually not practical! Ha! They got us into their show at Club Congress for free. We went and drank Bloody Marys and thanked the heavens that we’re not college kids anymore.

Dale Earnhart Jr.Jr.
Dale Earnhart Jr.Jr.

Tucson was great any way you look at it. I know I say now that I loved the city — to the extent of being one of my favorite American cities that I’ve visited but I’m aware that I say this in winter. Hopefully I’ll never have to experience the desert summer (unless I’m in an air-conditioned space suit) and my Tucson afterglow can forever be preserved in time.


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