A Break from Travel Writing

My travels around the United States took place in early spring and since I’m really taking my time writing about each day, it’s important not to let myself get backed-up so much that I never write about the present. Lots has happened since I returned from across the country. Many bridesmaid duties, a Fleetwood Mac cover band, recording projects, impersonating Roy Orbison on any given occasion, hanging out on Lake Ontario, new jobs and the re-assembling of  Pleistocene’s line-up.

Doing Roy Orbison covers at a house show.
Doing Roy Orbison covers at a house show.
Durand Beach with my best buds.
Lake Ontario with my best buds.

Becca and Sandy are in Brooklyn and headed to grad school in Canada, respectively. Pleistocene’s new line-up had our first show last Saturday at a dive bar in Rochester NY. It was really fun but the sound was garbage and they didn’t really pay the bands. I consider this to be the bottom of a new uphill climb.It’s interesting, as a musician, how often you end up feeling like you’ve been knocked back down to the first step of a very complicated staircase. But if you’re like me and your mind immediately went to “Harry Potter” when I said complicated staircase, then you’ll understand when I say that the longer you’ve been at Hogwarts, the more efficient you are at navigating your way around them. Anyways, who cares if Pleistocene is starting from scratch? It’s about the people and places you encounter as a musician and what you gain musically along the way. My first long term band, Paul’s Grandfather was reunited this summer. We’ve all grown musically since we were in a band together and I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if the three of us formed as a band today, knowing what we know now. Here’s us 6 years ago and here’s us this summer:

One of my first bands, Paul’s Grandfather in 2008.
July 2014 in Rochester NY
July 2014 in Rochester NY

Anyways, it’s good to have Pleistocene finally take off. Here’s a little video that we put out featuring a song from Pleistocene’s album “Goners.”
The beach that it was filmed on is where I’ve spent a lot of my summer days. I even have my own spot, prime real estate for dog watching. Besides the location, this song really sums up the summer for me.


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